Kit Lykketoft

Director of Conventions, Wonderful Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kit Lykketoft is currently the director of the Copenhagen Convention Bureau. Here she works to attract international association conferences, meetings and events to her home town. She is focused on defining alternative value to growth, and on how to make travelers and citizens in combination a part of the solution to the challenge we face in creating a sustainable World. Prior to this she has been a visiting research scholar at Parsons DESIS Lab in NYC, working with social innovation with the city of New York, following her eight years of building up MindLab within the Danish Government administration. At MindLab Kit applied design driven and user focused processes to Danish policy-and reform making. She also advised numerous other countries and large international organization on how to do this. She is a member of the Advisory Board to the UNDP Innovation Facility and co-writer to the book How Public Design. Kit holds an M.A. in history and anthropology from University of Copenhagen and an executive M.Sc from Oxford/HEC.