Oscar Ekponimo

Founder, Chowberry App, Nigeria

Oscar Ekponimo is a software engineer and social entrepreneur. He is passionate about technology and believes in its transformational application in achieving sustainable food systems. This passion for use of technology to solve local challenges is evident in his pioneering work, Chowberry, a cloud-based inventory management application and service that reduces food waste and redistributes food products to people facing food poverty. Chowberry enables retailers to observe food product shelf-life in an automated way and initiates discounts on products that increase as the end of shelf-life approaches. Partnering food-relief agencies and low-income consumers are then notified of deep discounts being offered for use in their feeding programs. He was honored by Time Magazine in its 2017 list of Next Generation Leaders and listed among Top 30 African Innovators of 2017 by Quartz Media. He is a recipient of the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise in Applied Technology which honors individuals embarking on revolutionary projects that improve the well-being of communities and push the frontiers of human advancement. Oscar was part of the inaugural Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), completing an online course in technology entrepreneurship and earned a B.Sc. in computing from the University of Calabar, Nigeria.