Amy Karle

Transmedia Artist and Designer, California, United States

Amy Karle is the co-founder of Conceptual Art Technologies in San Francisco. She is an internationally award winning bioartist whose work can be seen as artifacts of a speculative future where digital, physical and biological systems merge. She leverages body-based investigation, science and technology to create art that catalytically examines material and spiritual aspects of life. Amy's artwork taps the concepts of what it means to be human and in the body, expressing representations of our internal processes in visual forms. Her work speaks to a wide audience as it inspires exploration into what it means to be human and opens minds to future visions of how technology could be utilized to support and enhance humanity, while making advancements in the technology towards those goals in the process. Amy has shown work in 52 international exhibitions as of 2017, including in 2017: The Body & Technology: A Conversational Metamorphosis solo show in San Francisco, California; Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. and FILE Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo, Brazil. Amy is also regularly invited to share her innovations and insights as an expert speaker on exponential technologies and humanity at prestigious events including the X-Summit and in think tanks including The Future Innovators Summit. She was Artist in Residence at Autodesk, has been named one of the Most Influential Women in 3D Printing, and is an artist envoy to Poland through the American Arts Incubator by ZERO1 and the United States Department of State.