Soo Chung Om

Founder and CEO, Space Seon, Republic of Korea

Soo Chung Om is the founder and CEO of eco-village Space Seon. Her aim is to bring human lives closer to nature through living by the principles of the universe. She believes the ability to harvest and live minimally is important for our relationship with mother Earth. She is learning the art of self-reliance through farming, which is the most fundamental and important action for life at the eco village. She is centered around managing a sustainable lifestyle through her own natural health products, education projects and basic tourism. She also has a few animals which she looks after with love and gratitude. Though she has much to learn still, she feels like she is growing every day, as crops and flowers do in the wild. Previously, Soo worked as a production coordinator for various film and television productions in the US and in Korea. She studied acting and drama therapy in New York.


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