Kibela Nasufi

Consultant for BID Berati, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Kibela Nasufi is a consultant for BID Berati at the Albanian-American Development Foundation. Finding innovational ideas that would change the way people approach culture in Albania has always been her motivation. After finishing her B.A. studies, Kibela worked as a graphic designer and marketing manager at Dotido LTD, where she found the opportunity to express and implement the knowledge earned during her studies. Following that, she worked as creative director at Icon Agency where she was responsible for brand building and developing creative guidelines. Since November 2016, Kibela has worked as a consultant for BID Berati, which has given her the opportunity to commit her time, energy and ideas to improving as much as she can in her hometown. Her educational background includes a B.A. in art and design, from Polis University Tirana, a professional M.A. in fashion brand management, from BAU, Centre Universitari de Disseny, Barcelona, Spain, and a M.Sc. in communications-public relations, from European University of Tirana.


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