Timothy Phillips


Timothy PHILLIPS is the co-founder of the Project on Justice in Times of Transition; an interfaculty initiative of Harvard University affiliated with the Kennedy School of Government, the Law School and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The project works with leaders in countries emerging from conflict or repression to engage in dialogue across ethnic, political, and religious lines with the intention of promoting reconciliation and securing democracy. The project has organized more than twenty-three distinct initiatives around the world, including programs in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, El Salvador, the Middle East, and South Africa. Mr. Phillips has served as an advisor on conflict resolution and democratization initiatives to several nonprofit and governmental organizations, including the United States Department of State, the Council of Europe, and the United Nations. Articles featuring Mr. Phillips' work have appeared in several publications including The New York Times Magazine, Harvard Magazine, and The International Herald Tribune. He is an alumnus of Salzburg Seminar Session 291, Negotiating Trade-offs, 1991, and Special Session, Defining Peace in the Contemporary World, 1998.

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