Tim German

Head of Low Carbon Cornwall, Cornwall Council

Tim GERMAN (co-chair) is the director of the Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership (CSEP) in the United Kingdom. With a background in initiating and developing partnerships working in the arts, heritage, education, and energy sectors, his leadership has expanded CSEP to include more than seventy organizations, including local authorities, health sector groups and primary care trusts, housing associations, businesses, voluntary and community organizations, educational institutions, and the environment and renewable energy sectors. CSEP places energy at the heart of sustainable development, ensuring prioritization of the social, economic, and environmental effects of electricity and heat on local communities and businesses. Under Mr. German's leadership, CSEP has become a model for energy partnerships in the UK and Europe and has been chosen by the European Commission as a best practice example of sub-regional energy partnerships in Europe. He sits on various national panels including the Parliamentary Warm Homes Group, the FPAG/Local Authority Forum, and the Sustainable Energy Partnership that meets in Parliament. He served as a member of the Defra Local Authority Energy Efficiency Steering Group, and is a sustainability champion on three local strategic partnerships including the Cornwall-wide Partnership. Mr. German served on the Faculty of Session 442, Making Green Pay: Designing Incentives to Support Environmental Sustainability, in 2007 and also attended the Seminar's Summer Festival and then hosted the Thanksgiving Festival later that year.

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