Maria Galea

Director, ARTZ ID, Malta

Born and raised in Malta, Maria Galea is originally an artist by nature, and art advisor and creative entrepreneur by profession. In 2018 Maria was awarded the Creative Industries Platform Fund by Arts Council Malta, to implement a new online platform for the art market; ARTZ ID. The platform takes an innovative approach to tackling industry fragmentation, sustainability and entrepreneurial skills. Maria is director of I AMLTD, a company formed for the implementation of ARTZ ID, she continues her path to create innovative and sustainable changes in the industry. Being a former director of 4 galleries, over the past five years Maria has made a name for herself within the art industry. In 2015 she opened Marie Gallery 5, a new gallery system with the aim to internationalize local artists. Exhibiting works in New York, Dubai, Miami and India. In 2016 after completing her studies in finance and the art market at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, she formed a partnership with hospitality firm Iniala. With them, Maria developed Iniala5, a joint initiative to create an impact in the local art scene by opening multiple gallery spaces and implementing new business opportunities for artists to use as a platform for professional growth.


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