Andrei Venal

Executive Creative Director, DAKILA Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, Quezon City, Philippines

Andrei Venal is currently the executive creative director of the Philippine based non-profit, DAKILA. Andrei is a visual communicator and an inter-disciplinary designer from Manila, and is working towards helping achieve social transformation. His work at DAKILA provides the creative aspects of campaigning, educating, communicating, and organizing the Filipino youth - an important piece of work in actualizing the organization's vision of a nation of heroes. Andrei believes that the path to social transformation is through collective and collaborative efforts, by individuals and institutions, social development offices, the government, and community organizations. Andree recognizes the power that organized change makers working together can have, and through DAKILA, he helps bridge the gap between like-minded groups by developing venues of collaboration armed with creative and innovative campaigns, projects and activities. His scope of work ranges from branding and building socially relevant campaigns; creating experiences through on-ground and online activations; and developing innovative learning tools and activities, creative strategies, general graphic design, and art. Prior to 2015, he worked as a graphic designer for a studio, a senior art director for a multinational advertising agency, and as an educator on visual communication and design in a university in Manila. Andrei was also the creative director of Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival in 2015-2016. Aside from working to help change the world for the better, Andrei finds happiness in creating art, learning history, map-making, and developing board and card games for his friends.


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