Elyse Tonna

Design Architect; Board Member, Malta Society of Arts, Naxxar, Malta

Elyse Tonna is a specialist in architectural design, and combines her skills with her passion for conservation and retrofitting of buildings, historical research, and architectural detailing. In mid-2017, she set up Glug Malta under the international licensed company, Glug Events International, with the aim of organizing creative events to unite local creatives and promote them on an international level, as well as expose the local cultural and artistic scene to foreign iconic talent. First elected to the Committee of the Malta Society of Arts in 2014, Elyse has since worked on the restructuring of the organization and school, with the aim of attracting younger generations and promoting their involvement in the local arts scene. In 2013, she formed a youth non-profit and received EU funds on behalf of the Youth in Action Program to develop a short documentary about the general and historical development of the locality of Attard and the lifestyle and culture of its people. Elyse has a background in music, having obtained her Dip.LCM in 2008. She was also a part of the design team of the Insiter magazine. She graduated with a bachelor's in architecture and engineering from the University of Malta in 2013.


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