Carly Bales

Performance Artist & Cultural Organizer; Executive Director, Le Mondo; Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Carly Bales is a performance artist and cultural organizer based in Baltimore, MD, USA. She is the founding executive director of Le Mondo, an unprecedented project redeveloping three derelict buildings in downtown Baltimore into a vibrant, artist-owned ecosystem. Her ongoing development work tackles some of the long-standing economic and political obstacles facing independent arts producers in Baltimore, including a decided lack of accessible resources, artist empowerment, and safe, affordable, permanent space for artists and experimental art. In addition to her art practice, Carly is a prolific cultural organizer and advocate with extensive experience in small to large-scale project management, grassroots development, and event producing. She began her career in 2011 as the founding artistic director of EMP, a beloved multi-use independent arts space in downtown Baltimore. She holds a double B.A. in theatre and religion from Florida State University, FL.

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