Lala Pasquinelli

Founder, Mujeres que no fueron tapa (Women who were not on the cover), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lala Pasquinel founded Mujeres que no fueron tapa (Women who were not on the cover). Mujeres que no fueron tapa is an artivist project which has three aims: to denaturalize the way in which media portray women, to denaturalize the way media influences us through its portrayal of women; and to 'hack' magazines, stereotypes and messages by transforming them through art actions and workshops, where people use an intuitive artistic experience to express their diversity and potential. Her activity focus is on art and gender, and how art can be used as a tool to deeply connect with humanity and identity. Lala is a visual artist who works with photography, painting, video and writing to express a possible view of the world, what is alive and what makes us human. She is a teacher and consultant in Economí She believes in art as a tool of communication and social transformation, and her work involves sharing with others the experience of artistic creation, like taking her art to non-artistic places to raise awareness and make a social impact. She earned a magister's degree in law and business from Universidad Austral Buenos Aires.


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