Lu Chait

Freelancer, Dijon Media, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luciana works in educational research and innovation, and has worked as an instructional designer for the past 11 years, specializing in education technology. She has her own company, Dijon - Media and Learning Experience, a cooperative company that aims to provide eLearning solutions for everyone. As a volunteer, Luciana coordinates a cultural/educational project in vulnerable areas of Buenos Aires, called AulaVereda (Classroom-in-the-Streets). For the last six years, along with a group of teachers and artists, she visited a slum in the city partnering with over fifty children and teenagers to develop their own views of culture, art, and education, organizing new tools for social change. In the last year, during her Master's degree in Barcelona, she has partnered with a feminist collective of musicians, Las Pibas, to bring together art work and education in order to achieve a world with more equal opportunities for all. Luciana attended the YCI Forum as a participant in 2018.


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