Luciana Chait

eLearning Coordinator, Dijon Media, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luciana is a language teacher and has worked as an instructional designer for the past nine years, specializing in education technology. She recently helped start Dijon - Media and Learning Experience, a cooperative company that aims to provide eLearning solutions for everyone. Luciana coordinates a cultural/educational project in vulnerable areas of Buenos Aires, called AulaVereda (Classroom-in-the-Streets). For the last four years, along with a group of teachers and artists, she visits a slum in the city twice a week, and partners with over thirty children and teenagers to develop their own view of culture, art, education and values without imposition. She and her colleagues exchange their tools with the children's cultural background and knowledge, all in order to empower and organize the community. Luciana is in the process of obtaining her PhD in philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires.