Julius Ooko

Rapper, Songwriter and Social Activist, Nairobi, Kenya

Julius 'Juliani' Owino is a celebrated Kenyan Hip Hop rapper. He believes that every person has an innate ability to succeed as long an enabling environment is created, and resources and opportunities are made available. Juliani uses his influence and space to provide these resources and opportunities in his world. More than just an award-winning artist, Juliani has founded several initiatives: Dandora Hip Hop City, Mymsanii, Customer bora and Taslim. He strongly values partnership with organizations like the World Bank, Safaricom, Google, and the US Embassy in Kenya. His mantra-a lyric in one of his songs-is 'Â…Kutabadilishwa na nani Kama si sisi' (Who will change things if it's not us).


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