Chika Ogi

Specialist, Corporate and Project Planning, Shochiku Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Chika Ogi is a specialist in the corporate and project planning division at Shochiku.Co. Ltd,. Tokyo, which produces Japanese traditional theatre Kabuki, as well as other theatre and films. Chica is mainly engaged in administration of the company, and one of her missions is planning theatrical products for overseas or inbound tourists. She joined Kabuki Tour in Las Vegas, where she was a member of sponsor acquiring. She is currently planning the 'resurgence' project, which restores cultural assets such as films and statues at Ukiyoe Pictures to be transfigured to fit the present cultural scene. In her years at university, she did field work and projects focused on creating dialogue between students from Israel and Palestine. In her final year, she received a student award from the dean. She graduated Keiko University with a B.A. in policy management, and a specialization in conflict and reconciliation studies on the Middle East.


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