Tan Suwanprik

Local Coordinator for Achieving Low Carbon Growth in Cities Through Sustainable Urban System Management, Thailand

Trinnawat Suwanprik is a government officer serving as a sanitary researcher at Chiang Mai municipality, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Currently, he is also a local coordinator for Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Chiang Mai funded by USAID Low Emissions Asian Development program. He has carried out projects such as the Climate Campaign Protection Project with Thailand Environmental Institute and ICLEI. Trinnawat led a project called Sustainable Urban Tourism through Low Carbon Initiatives. He also has experience in Hue and Chiang Mai working with the Asian Institute of Technology. He was a project manager for Sustainable Urban Transport in Chiang Mai that was supported by the World Bank and the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). He was also a special instructor at Chiang Mai Rajaphat University. Trinnawat attended a short professional fellows program run by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Culture Affairs. He received a bachelor's degree in public health from Chiang Mai University and a master's in environmental engineering from Naresuan University (Phayao Campus), Thailand. He is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Session 591, The Asia We Want: Building Community Through Regional Cooperation I - A Clean and Green Asia, in 2017.


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