Yasmine Omari

Marketing & Education Outreach Coordinator, Germantown Performing Arts Centre, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Yasmine Omari works as the Marketing and Education Outreach Coordinator at the Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC). At GPAC, she has worked with the Programming Manager to develop a program that focuses on early learning of music and the arts for children in underserved schools. She is devoted to serving the community through cultural arts, educational programs and mentoring, and is very involved in promoting, creating, volunteering and participating in events featuring arts and culture in Memphis, Tennessee. Yasmine is one of the main organizers and creators of the Memphis Palestine Festival. Her duties include planning, fundraising, promoting all digital and print content, hosting and managing the festival. She volunteers with Germantown International Festival, New Memphis Institute, Indie Memphis Film Festival, Arts Memphis and much more. She also served on the Arts and Immigration Panel discussion for Crosstown Arts and Indie Memphis. Yasmine has been chosen to be an Arts Education Community Learning Grant panelist for the Tennessee Arts Commission. Starting in 2017, she will go to the state capitol every year to review grants and help decide which non-profits from the state of Tennessee will receive funding.


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