Teruaki Masumoto

Vice-Chairman, Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan, Tokyo

Teruaki Masumoto is the vice chairman of the Federation of Electric Power

Companies and the director of the Tokyo Electric Power Company. He is

also a member of the Executive Committee of World Business Council for

Sustainable Development (WBCSD).. Mr. Masumoto joined the Tokyo

Electric Power Company in 1962. Since then he has held several positions,

including director of the Corporate Communications Department and of the

Environment Department. Since 1999, he has been the managing director,

executive vice president, and executive general manager in the Plant Siting

and Regional Relations Division. From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Masumoto served

as a chairman for the Subcommittee on Global Environment and for the

Committee on Environment and Safety, Japan Business Federation (Nippon

Keidanren). Within the same period he was a member of the Central

Environment Council at the Ministry of Environment. Mr. Masumoto

studied political science and economics at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.


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