Razi Jafri

Documentarian; Project Manager, University of Michigan - Dearborn, Detroit, USA

Razi Jafri is a Detroit-based activist, cultural worker and documentary photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on ethnicity, religion, culture, politics, and the changing cultural landscape in America. He is currently working as a photographer, exhibit manager and curator for on an interdisciplinary exhibition series called Halal Metropolis, which explores Muslim visibility and identity in Southeast Michigan. He is also currently working on a documentary film about an election in America's first Muslim majority city, Hamtramck, Michigan. The film entitled, Hamtramck, USA, is anticipated to have a broadcast on public television in summer of 2020. He is also working on a documentary film called Loyalty, which follows the story of three Muslim chaplains in the US Armed Forces. Razi was a member of the inaugural Documenting Detroit fellowship in documentary photography and photojournalism. He attended the University of Michigan, and received a Bachelor's degree in engineering.


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