Teresa Cid

Associate Professor, University of Lisbon

Teresa Cid is an associate professor of American literature and culture at the University of Lisbon, Department of English, Faculty of Letters; and the current director of the American Culture Institute at the University of Lisbon. Her main areas of interest are American Modernism, American fiction, Portuguese American literature, and popular culture. Her publications include: "Walking the Lisbon Night Through with Johnny Guitar" (Lisbon, 2009); "Lively Modernism(s): the Comic Strip as/and Modern American Art" (Bern, 2008); "Fate, Diaspora and the Melody of Storytelling: The Portuguese-American Fado/Blues of Katherine Vaz" (Lisbon, 2007); "A escrita luso-americana: da auto-rasura à visibilidade (Lisbon, 2005); "The Siren at the Edge: Nathanael West, Modernism and Popular Culture" (2004); Antigas Raízes e Novos Rumos: o fado/blues de Katherine Vaz e a Diáspora Portuguesa nos EUA" (Rio de Janeiro, 2001). She has co-authored Literatura Norte-Americana (Lisbon, 1999) and co-edited two volumes of essays on Melville and Whitman (Lisbon 1991 and 1992), Ceremonies and Spectacles: Performing American Culture (Amsterdam, 2000), Feminine Identities (Lisbon, 2002), and From the Edge: Portuguese short stories / Onde a Terra Acaba: contos portugueses (Lisbon, 2006).


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