Penny Low

Founder and President, Social Innovation Park Ltd, Singapore

Penny Low is the president and founder of Social Innovation Park Ltd in Singapore, a non-profit organization promoting thought leadership and social entrepreneurship. Ms. Low is a pioneer and serial entrepreneur in various fields, from wealth management to social enterprises to global movements. Her career and experience span the private, public, people, academic and media sectors in local and international arenas. Ms. Low was a veteran member of the Parliament of Singapore for almost 15 years during which she developed the award-winning first eco-town in the tropics, reputed for its high social capital and on its way to becoming the largest township in Singapore. She was also one of the longest serving members on the Parliament Estimates Committee. In addition to being the Chairperson on the Singapore-Peru Parliamentary Friendship Group, Vice-Chairperson of the North East Community Development Council, and the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, she is also a Labour Union Advisor, active on several national committees, in particular those promoting enterprises and social entrepreneurship, town and community development, and inter-nation parliamentary friendship groups. She has also chaired the Government Parliamentary Committees (GPC) for Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, served on and had oversight of the GPC for Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry, for the Ministry of Education, for the Ministry of Environment and Water Resource, for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Sports, for the Ministry of Social Development and for the Ministry of National Development. Ms. Low received her B.A. in economics and sociology from the National University of Singapore. Ms. Low is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.