Ryuta Aoki

CEO, Volocitee Inc., Japan

Ryuta Aoki is the founder and CEO of VOLOCITEE Inc., a design firm that supports communities in creating innovative products, services and systems. When Mr. Aoki was 20 years old, he launched a startup with his friends, and pursued a career as a programmer for 14 years. In 2009, he applied to TEDxTokyo as a volunteer and has been involved ever since, working on over 30 TEDx events, including events overseas. Mr. Aoki founded the first TEDxKids (TEDxKids@ Tokyo) event in Japan in October 2011, and a new TEDx community organizing TEDxKids (TEDxKids@Chiyoda) in 2012. Furthermore, Mr. Aoki founded a laboratory called "3331 alpha", exploring new forms of art for communities with 3331 ARTS CYD in 2014.