Yolanda Corona

Research Professor at the Department of Education, Autonomous Metropolitan University-Campus Xochimilco, Mexico

Yolanda Corona is a professor and researcher at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico where she directs a National Education Project on ChildrenĀ“s Rights and Opportunities. She is also a founding member of the Childhood Program. This program integrates research, teaching and social service and supports the enrichment of academic knowledge through information generated by people in NGOs working directly with children in vulnerable situations. Ms. Corona has done research about the role of play and art in the socialization of children. Her research currently focuses on how free play in parks, green areas and public space is at risk in modern urban culture. She is very interested in cultural diversity, and is also involved in research about childhood in Bali, where children are growing up in an environment deeply steeped in art and culture. She has edited several books and journals focused on children's participation, play and culture. She holds a B.A. in educational psychology and a Ph.D. in anthropology and history.

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