Charlee Alexander

Charlee Alexander, Associate Program Officer, National Academy of Medicine, United States

Charlee Alexander is an associate program officer at the National Academy of Medicine in the US. She is co-director of the Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally (iYCG Forum) at the National Academies. The iYCG Forum is comprised of 45 global members from multiple disciplines and sectors who have traveled to 9 countries to highlight the importance of connecting an integrative science to investments in the world's children, and raise issues to the top of policy agendas, both globally and nationally. In addition to this work, Ms. Alexander is leading an effort to promote evidence-based, multidisciplinary solutions to improve the well-being of clinicians, and to reduce health disparities in the US. Ms. Alexander graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in political science and is completing coursework for a Master's degree in public health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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