Susan Collin Marks


Susan COLLIN MARKS is executive vice president of Search for Common Ground,

a nonprofit nongovernmental organization working in conflict resolution internationally.

Based in Washington, DC, Search for Common Ground has offices in the Middle

East, the Balkans, Africa, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Ms. Collin Marks

is co-founder and board chair of The Coexistence Initiative, executive board member

of Women in International Security, and senior associate of the International Conflict

Resolution Program at Columbia University. Ms. Collin Marks worked as a conflict

resolution practitioner and peacemaker during South Africa’s transition from apartheid

to democracy under the auspices of the National Peace Accord, which intervened

in crises and mediated conflicts on a daily basis. In 1992, she founded the ongoing

quarterly publication on community and political conflict resolution, Track Two. Ms.

Collin Marks was awarded a Jennings Randolph Peace Fellowship at the United

States Institute of Peace. She received her M.A. in international relations from the

University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom.


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