Sruthi Atmakur

Children's Environments Research Group, USA and India

Sruthi Atmakur is currently a research associate at the Children's Environments Research Group (CERG) and a doctoral candidate in environmental psychology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her dissertation research focuses on evaluating play opportunities available for young children from middle-class families living in urban high-rise buildings in fast-growing cities of urban India. Under the guidance of Dr. Pamela Wridt and Dr. Roger Hart, Ms. Atmakur has co-developed, tested, and directed projects related to participatory intergenerational community development tools - Child Friendly Places and Young Citizens' Score Cards - in New York City, Haiti, Kampala, Mumbai, New Delhi, Benin, and Cairo. She holds a Bachelor's of architecture from J.N.T.U. India and a Master's of landscape architecture from Virginia Polytechnic & State University.


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