Slawomir Sendzielski

Inspector, Green Space Management Office - City of Warsaw, Poland

Slawomir Sendzielski is an inspector for the Green Space Management Office in the City of Warsaw. An economist and project manager, he is a passionate gardener working with various non-governmental organizations engaged in gardening activities with local communities. In 2015, he was the head gardener of the MiastoiOgród project. Since 2015, Mr. Sendzielski was a project coordinator of 'Restoration of flood-meadows in Special Protection Area Natura 2000 Middle port of Vistula Valley (PLB 140004)' project. At present, he is responsible for creating a cohesive cooperation program for the City of Warsaw and community gardening leaders and allotment gardens in Warsaw. He completed postgraduate studies in project management and knowledge of herbs under the supervision of ?ukasz ?uczaj at the University of Rzeszow.