Stuart Mackintosh

Executive Director, The Group of Thirty, Washington DC

Stuart P. M. Mackintosh is the Executive Director of the Group of Thirty. He oversees all aspects of the Group of Thirty's annual work program, project development, event planning and annual fundraising.

Previously Mr. Mackintosh was a Washington-based economist and country risk manager for Mitsubishi International Corporation. In that role he initiated a weekly U.S. economic forecast and commentary for senior executives. Before locating to the U.S., Mr. Mackintosh was Chief of Staff and principal speechwriter for leading politicians in the European Parliament.

Mr. Mackintosh sits on the Board of the National Association for Business Economics. In addition he serves on the boards of Children of Vietnam, and Spooky Action Theatre. Mr. Mackintosh has a B.A. from University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh.

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