Marina Barham

General Director, Al-Harah Theatre, Beit Jala, State of Palestine

Marina Barham is co-founder and general director of Al-Harah Theater and Performing Arts Training Center (PARC), Palestine. She has produced many theatre productions and organized Yalla Yalla International Children and Youth Theater Festival in Palestine. Her experience includes management of several Euro-med projects funded by the EU. She is vice president of Palestinian Performing Arts Network, Euromedinculture Network, and TAMASI Collective for Performing Arts. Marina is a trainer in the field of cultural management in the Arab world and an active cultural operator in Palestine, the Middle East and in Europe. She has spoken on the importance of performing arts in Palestine and the Arab world at several European conferences, festivals and events. She holds an M.A. in teaching English and an M.A. in media studies.

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