Kok Heng Leun

Artistic Director, Drama Box, and Arts-Nominated Member of Parliment, Singapore

Kok Heng Leun is the artistic director of the Singaporean theatre company Drama Box, and a prominent figure in both the English and Chinese-language theatres in Singapore. He is also currently the Arts-Nominated Member of Parliament for Singapore and has actively spoken on civil society as well as arts and culture issues in the Singapore Parliament. Heng Leun has been actively advocating cultural exchanges and dialogues among artists and cultural workers in the region as well as internationally. He has also taken up teaching, curatorial and dramaturgical roles in many projects. Thus far, he has directed over 80 plays and is considered one of the most important Forum Theatre practitioners in Singapore, advocating for applied and engaged arts. He has also worked on multi-disciplinary applied and engaged arts projects such as 'Project Mending Sky' which deals with environmental issues, and 'PRISM' which looks at issues of governance in Singapore. In recent years, Heng Leun has focused on the issue of end of life through the 'Both Sides, Now' project which uses theatre and arts installation, involving healthcare sector and community, to explore what it means to live and die well.

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