Stephen Jukes

Professor of Journalism, Bournemouth University's Faculty of Media & Communication, UK

Stephen Jukes is a professor of journalism at Bournemouth University's Faculty of Media & Communication. His research focuses on areas of objectivity and emotion in news with an emphasis on 'affect', trauma and conflict journalism. He is currently writing a book about the difficult relationship between news journalism and emotion and is working with a colleague on an edited collection of essays exploring new directions in journalism (to be published later this year as 'New Journalisms - Rethinking Practice, Theory and Pedagogy'). Before becoming an academic, he had been a foreign correspondent and editor for the international news agency Reuters all over the world. He worked on a wide array of stories ranging from the ousting of Margaret Thatcher and fall of the Berlin Wall to the September 11 attacks in 2001 when he was Reuters global head of news.

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