Tonia Casarin

CEO & Founder, Fireworks Education, Brazil

Tonia Casarin is the CEO and founder of Fireworks Education, a social company that promotes social and emotional learning in Brazil. The company develops projects and products in social and emotional learning for kids, teenagers and adults, teacher training and developing curriculum. Her work in Sobral (CearĂ¡) impacts 17.000 students every year. In 2017, she won the Global Impact Challenge in Brazil, a Singularity University (SU) award, and was a speaker at a SU Summit in Brazil. Her TEDx Talk in 2016 became a methodology for parenting and in her TEDxYouth in Maastricht, Netherlands, she talks about the gift of failure. She is also the author of the children's book "I Have Monsters in My Tummy" and "I Have more Monsters in My Tummy" which sold more than 25.000 books and became a bestseller in Brazil. Tonia has a Masters degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York where she became a Lemann Fellow. Her first time at Salzburg Global Seminar was in 2016.


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