Jane Nakawesi

Paediatrician, Mildmay, Uganda

Jane Nakawesi is the head of pediatric services at Mildmay Uganda. She joined the organization in 2008 and received training in pediatric palliative care (PPC) from South Africa in 2009. Since then she has been training both national and international health workers on both short and long courses in PPC. The initial training at Mildmay with support from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund (DPWMF) was a 6 months course. Through her leadership and with support from the DPWMF this course was upgraded to a diploma course. The course commenced in April 2014 at Mildmay Uganda. Jane is also keen on conducting operational research and has presented several papers on PPC at both local and international conferences and published a paper in the Cancer Medical Science Journal on "Palliative Care Needs of HIV Exposed and Infected Children." Mildmay Uganda has a 20 bed inpatient unit that takes care of critically ill children and adolescents living with HIV. Jane leads the multi-disciplinary team of health professionals that offers holistic care including end of life care to these children. She also works in close collaboration with the AIDS Control Program of the Ministry of Health, which helps improve the quality of care of children and adolescents living with HIV. Jane received a bachelor of medicine and a bachelor of surgery as well as master's of medicine in pediatrics and child health from the Makerere College of Health Sciences, Kampala. She has recently completed an online master's degree in public health from University College Cork, Ireland.


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