Nandini Vallath

Pallium India, Kerala, India

Nandini Vallath is the clinical consultant and director projects of the Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences, India. She is interested in the training and policies that would enhance the quality of care of patients, especially when they are facing complex long-term diseases where disease modifying therapies have a limited role. She has played a very active role in amending the law that restricted access to essential opioids in India and is currently also working to ensure that an appropriate law to ensure end of life care takes shape in the country. She has played a leadership role in building the capacity to provide palliative care in the country and has coordinated workshops to develop modules for the same at several levels - including undergraduate nursing / medical, students and for professionals. She was a faculty member in anesthesiology for two decades before she moved to the field of palliative care full-time. She has had her training from the University of Mumbai - India, Cardiff-UK and completed a Fellowship on international pain and policy from Wisconsin.


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