Iñigo Mariscal

General Director of Marhnos, Mexico

Iñigo Mariscal is the general director of Marhnos; a company dedicated to develop the best infrastructure and real estate projects, promoting the personal and professional growth of its employees. Carrying out the lineup for the integration of the "Joint Venture" between Marhnos Group and J.S. Alberici Construction and collaborated with Slattery Skanska and the implementation of joint projects with Turner Construction Company in Mexico. Developing systems to increase productivity and process improvement. He Started Marhnos Habitat a company focused on the development of apartment buildings in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico. He has worked in companies developing Infrastructure, Real Estate and Construction such as Groupo Proagua, Marhnos Habitat and Constructora Marhnos. His main activities were focused on the conceptualization and assembly of environmental projects and road building under Concession scheme as well as Public-Private Partnerships. He has participated in the planning and execution of construction projects for private companies such as Procter & Gamble, Honda, BBVA, Nissan. He graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana as a civil engineer, he obtained an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management.


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