Samuel Bowler

Writer, Sculptor, & Technologist; Director, Culturalyst, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Samuel Bowler is a writer, sculptor, and technologist based in New Orleans, LA. His work is focused on building emotionally responsible, place-based technology that creates opportunities for equity and community. Sam is the founder of Culturalyst, an online platform designed to make it easy to catalyze local culture through discovery and patronage of local artists. Culturalyst will launch in October 2018 with the support of arts organizations and the local government in New Orleans. Experienced in founding organizations and teams as well as spearheading transformational change within existing structures, Sam has led teams for the last 8 years - at General Electric, Google, L.B. High School, and as the E.D. of a non-profit he founded at Duke University. He pursues justice and equity, values people and their potential over everything, and works to build growth-minded teams and products with a culture of empathy and innovation. He uses art to process.

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