Jose Cotto

Collaborative Design Project Manager, The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Jose Cotto was born and raised in great brook valley, a housing project in Worcester, Massachusetts. The son of a single mother raising four kids, he often found himself being pulled between the streets and his desire to create art was always a means to escape, a means to forget, and a means to remember. Prior to joining the Small Center as the collaborative design project manager, he worked at the Arts Council New Orleans as the design director. With over a decade of experience in community engagement and youth development, Jose leverages his technical skills and artistic vision to help propel ideas and projects forward that aim to shift the consciousness of communities. He maintains a freelance photography and design practice that continues to explore the relationships between people, place, and time. He is currently working on a photography book that spans his entire archive and will serve as a blueprint for future explorations. He holds a M.Arch. from Tulane University and a B.Arch. & Design from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


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