Heidi Schmalbach

Deputy Director, Arts Council New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Heidi Schmalbach is the deputy director of the Arts Council New Orleans and a Ph.D. candidate in city, culture, and community at Tulane University. She has over a decade of experience imagining and implementing projects at the intersection of the arts, urban planning, and community development. She has worked in a diversity of contexts and communities, from New Orleans and Austin, to rural Texas and Southern Appalachia. Currently, she oversees the programmatic portfolio of the Arts Council, which includes public art management, creative placemaking, youth development, and policy initiatives. Her research focuses on arts-based community development, spatial justice and land use, and emergent social imaginaries. Heidi holds a master's degree in community and regional planning from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, as well as a bachelor's degree in journalism and public relations.


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