Adam Molyneux-Berry

Social Entrepreneur and Ecosystem Builder, Egypt

Adam Molyneux-Berry is an award winning social entrepreneur and ecosystem builder - dedicated to the innovation of impact, crowd, and capital in the developing world. As the co-founder and managing director of iceHubs Global - an international network of technology innovation hubs - he worked to transform local challenges into sustainable businesses across four continents. Adam also pioneered the co-creation of a franchised hub structure called 'Hub in a Box' - which supports entrepreneurship ecosystems through the innovative co-creation of viable business models in challenging environments. Adam is also the co-founder of icecairo - Egypt's leading green tech innovation hub and Fab Lab; and Nawaya - a social enterprise advocating sustainable agriculture and agri-business based entrepreneurship. His most recent effort is the creation of a new type of financial ecosystem called Prosparity - a radically new approach that engages the crowd in impact investing through fintech aggregation and rich storytelling. This platform was inspired by Adam's belief that the social businesses of today are the impact investing opportunities of tomorrow. Adam has a passion towards bringing people together around complex social and environmental challenges and transforming them into unexpected investment opportunities. He believes that by combining innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies; with fintech and the power of the crowd; even the most complex issues can be transformed into sustainable economic returns. Adam's work in eco-innovation has allowed him to be part of a movement using Social Enterprises to create triple-bottom-line products, services, and investment vehicles - helping grow the social impact sector and activating emerging futures. He was a Facilitator of the YCI Forum in 2016, 2017, and 2018.


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