Guido Bichisao

Director Institutional Strategy Department, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg (invited)

Guido Bichisao is the director of the Institutional Strategy Department at the European Investment Bank (EIB) in charge of the coordination of the relationship of the Bank with the EU Institutions, the international financial institutions, central banks, regulators and of the development of the strategy of the group. Mr. Bichisao was previously head of the Financial Engineering and Advisory Services of the EIB in the Treasury Department, where he was responsible for the pricing and financial structuring of all the lending activity as well as for the activity in the carbon market on behalf of the European Commission within the NER300 programme. Mr. Bichisao has also worked as deputy head of the Asset Liability Management division and in the Risk Monitoring Unit at EIB and was formerly head of the new issue department and financial researcher at Banco di Roma. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and social sciences from Bocconi University in Milan and a master's degree from the New York University.

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