De'Graft Mensah

Bournemouth University, UK

I'm De'Graft Mensah. I'm currently writing for 2 UK fashion magazines (PAUSE and NOTION) but my interests go way beyond the realms of fashion. I have a deep interest in current affairs and the news around us and would love to get involved in making news accessible, relatable and enjoyable for all. I hope to get involved in all aspects of journalism as I grow in this industry. From television and radio presenting to researching and hopefully one day becoming an Editor-In-Chief of my own print publication. I know, it's all a bit full on but these are all different aspirations I've got in mine. Whether I achieve them or not is all dependent on where these next couple of years take me but hey, we'll get there one step at a time (hopefully!)

Personally, a big aim of mine is to offer some sort of change to the world around and get involved with something that will eventually help people who are in need. Whether that be in a humanitarian capacity or something more personal such as sharing companionship and comfort, it is something I feel strong about.