Chuk Odenigbo

Chúk Odenigbo, Regulatory Analyst, Nimonik, Canada

Chúk Odenigbo is currently a regulatory analyst with an innovative Montréal start-up called Nimonik, where they have released an app that alerts companies to their environmental due diligence and best practices depending on the sector they work in, jurisdiction and the activity they are about to undertake. He comes from an eclectic background, having worked as an environmental scientist in the Canadian oil and gas industry, an Operations Manager for fashion retailer Club Monaco focusing on incorporating nature and sustainability into the shopping experience, and a consultant with the Canadian Parks Council working on reconnecting young and new Canadians with nature. Mr. Odenigbo holds degrees in environmental science and chemistry from Queen's University in Canada and is currently undertaking a Masters of environmental and occupational health, specializing in toxicology, at the University of Montréal. He is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.



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