Juana Marino de Posada

Architect, Lecturer; Member, IPBES Expert Group, Colombia

Juana Mariño de Posada is the owner and head of GUT, a private consultancy firm, as well as lecturer in several universities in Colombia and Panamá. She is an architect, urban planner, and environmental expert with extensive professional experience in the public and private sectors and academia. She has been sub-director of Bogota´s Planning Department, director of population and land planning at Colombia´s Environment Ministry, director of policy legislation and decision making at the Humboldt Research Institute on Biological Resources, and consultant for public and private sector clients, NGOs and multilateral organizations. She has shared and enriched her professional experience at multiple national and international forums and initiatives. She is part of two expert groups appointed by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Ms. Mariño de Posada has launched the "Outdoor Grannies" Initiative. She is a Fellow of Session 557, Nature, Health and a New Urban Generation, in 2015.


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