Siphiwe Ngwenya

Director, Maboneng Township Arts Experience; Founding Director, Arts Township International, Cape Town, South Africa

Siphiwe Ngwenya is the creator of South Africa's first creative economy of home industries in the township. Siphiwe has 16 years of experience in civic engagement and entrepreneurship, along with 18 years in the professional art field. He is a painter, illustrator, conceptualist, explorer and self-taught social scientist. When he returned from a scientific expedition that took him from his home town, Alexandra Township to Antarctica in January of 2008, not only did he come back with a mobile solar and wind-powered workstation for his neighborhood to see, he proved to the South African community that his career is about more than offering social solutions for a youth in peril. Today, Siphiwe is an ambassador who has been shaped in the fire of people's pain. His music, art, and message have always been reserved for something of much higher significance. Keeping to his philosophy of the home is the epicenter of cultural affairs, in 2001, Ngwenya founded the Maboneng Township Art Experience, turning hundreds of townships into galleries. This initiative aims to use cultural tourism to positively transform marginalized communities while offering guests a one-of-a-kind South African experience to enjoy and learn from. Siphiwe attended the YCI Forum in 2015 as a participant.


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