Shinji Sudo

Founder & Chairman, People Design Institute; Founder, NEXTIDEVOLUTION and Fujiyama Store, Tokyo, Japan

Sinji Sudo is the founder of People Design Institute, NEXTIDEVOLUTION and the marketing consulting firm Fujiyama Store. In addition he has launched a collaborative project with Keio Gijuku University, called "People Design Lab". With his second son born with cerebral palsy, he has been questioning, as a father and as a social innovator, the decisive chasm between handicapped and non-handicapped people. It is Mr. Sudo's firm conviction that people design out to be understood as the multitude of possibility for uniqueness. He thinks that the current social and political debates are not helping to eradicate boundaries separating the handicapped from the non-handicapped people. Based on this belief, he has been organizing various projects in the realm of education, product design, services, and job creation. Together with leading designers he develops products that are not merely practical for the handicapped but also marketable commodities for the non-handicapped. He has also been working extensively with institutions in higher education including, but not limited to, Delft University of Technology in Netherlands and Waikato University in New Zealand, offering lectures to postgraduate students.

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