Rolf Nordstrom

Executive Director, Great Plains Institute, Minneapolis, MN

Rolf NORDSTROM is executive director of the Great Plains Institute, a regional non-profit corporation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The institute brings together key public and private leaders from across the Midwest to identify and implement policies, technologies, research and educational efforts that will accelerate the transition to a renewable and low-carbon energy system by mid-century. He serves on the US Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Education Review Panel and sits on the steering committee for Minnesota’s Renewable Hydrogen Initiative. Mr. Nordstrom’s research on hydrogen and fuel cells for the state of Minnesota was only his last during a decade with the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board and Office of Strategic and Long-range Planning. He has experience in economic and environmental policy and sustainable development, including positions with The United States Congress in Washington, DC; the World Wildlife Fund (International) in Brussels, Belgium; and the National Wildlife Federation’s Corporate Conservation Council in Washington, DC. He has authored and edited more than thirty publications on energy, transportation, and sustainable development. Mr. Nordstrom has an M.A. in international environmental policy from Tufts University and a B.A. in English literature from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. He is accompanied by his wife, Kathryn NORDSTROM.

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