Elina Kuusio

Bournemouth University, UK

I am an undergraduate Politics & Media students at Bournemouth University. I come from Finland and I have been living in the UK since I started my university course two years ago. My interests lie particularly in conflict and war journalism, and the role of the media in peace-building and reconciliation. This summer I will be working in a project 'Reconciliation-in-Practice in the Western Balkans' at Bournemouth University. I am passionate about humanitarian work and I have been volunteering for charities such as Finnish Red Cross and Justice for a Better World. Photojournalism is also something that interests me, especially how it can aid the peace-building process and reveal the different sides of the conflict. After graduating from Bournemouth University in 2016, I am hoping to do a master's degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science, perhaps MSc Conflict Studies or MSc Media and Communications. In the future I wish to work in the media industry having an international career that allows me to travel around the world. For me the most important aspect of my future career is that I can make a positive contribution to the communities I would be working with.

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