Emma Baker

Bournemouth University, UK

I am studying English at Bournemouth University and am interested in the environment, and the representation of mental health in the media. At the moment, my main personal ambition is to learn to speak German fluently. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and want to be able to speak another language fluently so I can continue to travel and meet inspiring people. I am currently taking a course in InDesign in order to pursue a career in Media and Design - I am also hoping this will hep me create promotional material as publicity officer for Bournemouth's Student Minds branch. I am interested in global issues surrounding fair, equal, access to education across the world, and the environmental problems that each country is facing currently. I am hoping that my time at Salzburg Global will teach me more about these issues, bring to light subjects and news that I was previously unaware of, and develop my multimedia skills so that I can make even the smallest difference.

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