Carlos Rodriguez Abbud

Iberoamericana University, Mexico

My name is Carlos, I was born in Chihuahua (northern Mexico). When it came to deciding where I wanted to get my degree, Mexico City sounded like the best option, I wanted to be a writer but as time passed and I continued studying I found my greatest interest to be in Language Studies. I never gave up on my dream of becoming a writer so I started working on journalism, I am now editor at a music magazine here in Mexico City, and i'm really happy with my job, but my aspirations don't only reside on journalism and writing anymore, I strongly believe that the production of media and the comprehension of language in all forms has the power to change the vision people have of the world and others, and writing is a powerful tool when trying to achieve this, but new formats and visions keep arriving on the modern age, we need to be able to adapt to them if our goal is to change this world, that's why I am enrolling to the seminar this summer, to improve my understanding of media as well as the perspectives that other students and professors may give me.

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